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Compressor Calorimeter

Compressor Calorimeters are designed in accordance with ASHRAE Standard. Axima provided secondary method verification system to measure mass flow of liquid refrigerant. Provide accurate and repeatable determination of compressor capacity.
Axima calorimeter system can be control and optimize following parameters as per customer specification as: top shell temperature, bottom shell temperature, near OLP and Relay shell temperature, discharge pressure, discharge temperature, liquid temperature, suction pressure, suction temperature, compressor chamber ambient, pot pressure, pot ambient, inside pot temperature, and all electrical parameter of compressor.
Performance Measurement:
2% agreement or better measured mass-flow vs. calculated mass-flow
1% repeatability of test results

The calorimeter systems are designed to provide heat balances within 2% with a repeatability of 1%.
Axima LBP calorimeter 200 to 1500 Btu/hr
Axima LBP calorimeter 500 to 2500 Btu/hr
Axima CBP calorimeter 600 to 5000 Btu/hr
Axima HBP calorimeter 12000 to 48000 Btu/hr
Refrigerants :
R-12, R-134a, R-404a, R-407C, R-410a, R-507, R-600a
Capacity Range
From 200 BTUH to 48,000 BTUH
Manually Controlled Calorimeter
Semi-Automatic Calorimeter with Digital Recorder/ Data logger
Fully Automatic Calorimeter ( Very fast or Real time data acquisition system)